A la Mode: Fashion Magazine


As you figured, I am addicted to clothes, accessories and jewelry — fashion in general. Every two weeks I create new fashion articles for my readers and hope that there is someone out there who follows the advice that I give. Just like my closest friends, you are probably wondering how I come up with those ideas. Don’t be fooled. I struggle every week to come up with a subject that might be interesting for my readers. Here is my secret: Fashion magazines.

As a fashion-addict, I read a variety of fashion magazines. It began my freshman year of college, when fashion became a very important part of my life. At that time I had a fashion blog, and as a true blogger, I had to know every trend. So reading fashion magazines (print or online) and other fashion blogs was part of my daily routine. But I missed a big part of my college life by being a fashion blogger. This is why I stopped. However, I read fashion magazines to stay on top of my game and to find new ideas for my fashion column.

Many women, and some men, adore reading fashion magazines. Some for the same reasons as I do. Some admire the models and aspire to be part of their lifestyle.

Subscribing to a fashion magazine is not free. So the question is, “Is it worth it?” From the anti-fashion magazine reader you will probably hear that it is just a very long advertisement that will convince you to buy an extremely expensive bag that you probably don’t need. Which might be true; it all depends on your point of view.

In my perspective, fashion magazines are a great way to find useful tips on how to mix-and-match clothing you already have and create a new look. Not all magazines feature high-couture brands exclusively. Many try to feature street shops where you can buy great clothes for a great deal.

The bottom line is that after all people say about fashion magazines, it is entertainment publication. They are enjoyable to read and feature very unique fashion columns. You don’t have to go for a big name publication, just focus on the one that makes you feel good.