Study Skills Workshop Led by a Big Dolphin


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Photo by Ben Watford

From a young age many are instilled with different skills that will help them succeed later in life. At Jacksonville University, Quintan Salery, an academic success coach, helps students further these skills with study skills workshops.

On Jan. 23, Salery held a skills workshop in the Johnson Lab in the JU library with the theme, Secrets to Time Management.

During the workshop Salery shared with the students how he made it through classes when he was a student at JU.

“The most important thing you can do is prioritize your time,” Salery said. “Figure out what’s most important to you. All of your friends may be doing something, but you have to remember to put study hours or class before anything else.”

Although Salery now teaches others what skills it takes to get through college, he did not always know these skills himself.

“When I had free time I played video games,” Salery said. “And then my homework piled up and I didn’t do too hot on tests. That’s when I realized I had to work harder.”

Salery took a lesson on procrastination and turned it around. He started making weekly schedules where he would write down everything from class, to homework, to practice and even scheduled-in free time.

“It’s important to stay disciplined and it takes up to 30 days to learn a new habit, so take the time and train yourself so you can do better in the long run,” Salery said.

Finally, Salery ended his workshop by saying everyone needs to set goals.

“Every time you set a goal, make sure you have a set date to reach it or you’ll just keep pushing it back,” Salery said.

Brittany Bush, freshman and member of the Big Dolphin Program, which Salery runs, attended the workshop.

“He really knows how to address students and their problems, especially because it wasn’t that long ago when he was a student himself,” Bush said. “He always teaches me something new and I appreciate him having these workshops because they help me study better.”

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