Notre Dame and Alabama Clash for the National Title in Miami


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It’s every college football fans favorite time of year. Ladies and gentlemen it is bowl season.
Each year, the cold weather and holiday season indicates that the schedules are wrapping up, conference titles are being decided and bowl bids are being distributed.
For some there is heart break, others jubilation, but mostly there is always next season. The could haves, should haves and would haves are in full force.
As always, the Bowl Championship Series system had fans on the edge of their seats for the final few weeks of the season until the very final second disappeared from the game clock. Just as the BCS has done in years past, its caused experts, analysts and rabid fans to butt heads over who deserves a title shot, who might be there and more importantly who will play for the crystal football.
At this juncture one thing is certain, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame deserve the title opportunity and will be in South Florida to play for the National Title.
Following a 12-0 season, the Irish are the nations lone, eligible undefeated Division-I team (Ohio St., 12-0, is ineligible due to NCAA sanctions) and are the number one ranked team in the BCS, Associated Press top-25 and USA Today polls.
With their 12-0 record, the Irish earned the right to take on defending national champion and this year’s Southeastern Conference champion Alabama Crimson Tide.
The SEC has been home to the past six national title winners with Alabama and Florida winning twice and LSU and Auburn each winning once.
Notre Dame has saved the nation from an SEC vs SEC title game that many saw coming such as last year’s ‘Bama vs LSU match up. In doing so, a majority of those same experts, analysts and fans that couldn’t agree on a single thing over the past few weeks all seem to agree now that the SEC will win their seventh consecutive national title.
To steal a line from ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso, “not so fast my friend.”
Taking a deeper look at the Notre Dame schedule reveals quite a few over-looked details. The Irish defeated at the time 10th ranked Michigan St. on the road and followed that up with a victory over 18th ranked Michigan.
The Irish then went on to beat Stanford, ranked 17, in overtime before getting the landmark victory they were looking for, a 30-13 victory over Oklahoma, ranked 8, on the road.
The Crimson Tide defeated those same Michigan Wolverines 41-14 on a neutral field to open the season. The Tide also beat 11 ranked Mississippi St. and 5 ranked LSU on a late touchdown drive anchored by ‘Bama signal-caller AJ McCarron.
The one blemish on the record, a home loss to 15 ranked Texas A&M and Heisman trophy finalist Johnny “Football” Manziel.
These are two programs rich in tradition. They’ve each beaten two top-ten opponents and two top-20 opponents. They both have dominating, battering defenses, Notre Dame drawing much comparison to the ‘Bama defense for their SEC-style front seven.
The Crimson Tide will start a quarterback in AJ McCarron who has already won a national title. It’s no secret that ‘Bama has been here before.
When the Irish take the field, they will have first year starter Everett Golson under center on the biggest stage of his young career.
One thing Alabama doesn’t have, Manti Te’o. Arguably the best player in the nation and a Heisman trophy finalist, Te’o is the emotional, spiritual and physical leader of a Notre Dame defense and team that appears to have the luck of the Irish back at their side.

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