Captain's Corner: Happy Holidays


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Once again, it is the most wonderful time of the year. And I’m not talking about Christmas. Rather, I’m not just talking about Christmas. At the end of November and the beginning of December, we have Thanksgiving break closely followed by Winter break. I think I speak for many of my contemporaries when I say that in college Thanksgiving almost surpasses Christmas (or any other similar gift-giving holiday) in its anticipation and excitement. After months of suffering through cafeteria food, drive-thru’s and any meals we can cook for ourselves, we travel home to be greeted with home-cooked meals. And not just any home-cooked meals, but what I consider to be some of the best food in the world. Turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls and pumpkin pie are definitely some of my favorite foods. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

And just a little few short, although stressful, weeks later most of us get to return home for almost a month.

I think my favorite part about winter break in college is just how little we really have to do. Our fall classes have ended and our spring classes haven’t begun, so there is little if any homework to be done. It is great because I know personally I can barely handle writing my thank you notes, let alone more essays after surviving finals week. And I’m a communications major. My finals week is a comparative walk in the park.

I need this upcoming winter break more than I’ve needed a rest from school more than any other time in my college career. Seniors, you know what I’m talking about. Juniors, may God have mercy on your souls. You’ll know next year.

This is my last winter break as an undergraduate, and with it’s impending arrival comes a sense of nostalgia and a little amount of uncertainty for the future. I’ve still got one semester left but that’s it. Singular. One semester.

I’ve got a plan. It even extends for three years so I’ve still got a lot of time to figure out the rest of my life. But still, I can’t help but think of that age-old saying of the best-laid plans going wrong. It’s certainly not uncommon for things to turn-out completely different from what we expect. However, it is terrifying. Who knows where I’ll be in three years? In five years? In 10?

There are no guarantees in life. We can only hope for the best, keep our chins up and suffer through ever-more frequent tired clichés. But I do know that all I have to do is make it through these last two weeks of classes, power through finals week and then I’ll have a whole month of vacation. A vacation where I can sit back, relax and have a nervous breakdown about my future. Happy Holidays everybody!

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